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Taking its roots from Nalbantoğlu Metal, which was founded in 1989, NLB Solar was established to become a brand in the field of carrier systems and assembly equipment in the Solar Energy sector.

It has state-of-the-art machinery in its factories in Hadımköy, Ömerli and Edirne OSB. 

It provides integrated service with 4" and 5" Extrusion Presses, molding room, anodizing facility, precision cutting saw with servo motor, lathe and milling machine.

With over 12,000 molds, NLB develops new solutions every day and exports to over 30 countries.

NLB Solar is a Solar Panel frame manufacturer. It produces PV frames in sets with high technology and the highest level of precision.

NLB Solar, with its own molding room, extrusion presses, anodizing facility and processing center, serves with the understanding of corporate service - sustainable cooperation.

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NLB Solar is the company of Nalbantoğlu Metal, which has been producing aluminum profiles for more than 40 years, specializing in the field of Solar Energy.

  • Roof Type Aluminum Construction,

  • Terrain Type Aluminum Construction,

  • Solar Panel Mounting Systems,

  • It produces Connection Equipment (Clamp, Middle Holder, End).

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