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Assembly Systems, Carrier Systems and Connection Equipment

Taking its roots from 1989, NLB Solar was established to become a brand in the field of living systems and assembly equipment in the Solar Energy sector.


Assembly Systems

NLB Solar enables fast, safe and affordable installations for pitched roofs, sandwich panel - trapezoidal sheet applications .

It offers sandwich panel compression (mounting without drilling the roof) systems for every brand.

Our top-of-the-pitch or side-to-bevel mounting systems deliver either custom size or full length.  

Carrier Systems

NLB Solar manufactures pitched roof, flat roof and all-terrain aluminum systems.

It develops the most efficient carrier systems, considering the wind and snow load, both for angled mounting on the factory roof and for off-road carrier systems.

It offers unique solutions to your outstanding projects with its expert technical staff and its own molding room.



NLB Solar is a supplier of aluminum fasteners with fastening clamps that can be applied from anywhere on the rail and center holders suitable for all sizes.

NLB Solar, which produces 30.000 Medium clamps, Z and Y end clamps per day, has one of the largest machining centers in Turkey. 

All products are supplied as a set with A2-70 stainless bolts.

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